Client Testimonials

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“You made the task bearable and more convenient than seemed possible.” – Miles and Linda


“As far as we are concerned, Summit Funding is the only place to go. Top notch service and great rates, what more is there to do?” – Kim and Michael


“Your operation is very efficient and whatever you say you’ll do, gets done. You operate with a high level of integrity.” – Majorie and Danny


“You are kind, quick, trustworthy and the best!!” – Susan


“Summit Funding made us feel like we were getting a mortgage from a member of our own family, we were not treated like just another client.” – Kim and Michael


“Dave attends every closing which makes for a really wonderful (closing) process. All of Dave’s clients come to the closing well prepared and there are never any surprises.” – Nicole F, NY Real Estate Attorney


“We have a really good trust level with Dave & his staff and needless to say, we’ve been ecstatic with the results since we moved into our new house.” – Bill K., Mortgage client


“I’ve been a client of Dave’s for over 11 years. He really thinks about you as a long term client and wants to protect you.” – Maryanne K, Mortgage client

“I was referred to Dave through my friend at my bank. Even though I had significant assets to pay my obligations, I didn’t have the usual retirement monthly income stream due to my lump sum pension payment. Dave was very successful in getting me a very competitive arrangement.” – Ron S, Newly retired mortgage client

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